Monday, October 02, 2006

Out of the Children's Pool

I owe all of you an apology. The original rationale for me making Channel X episodes was that there were young people out there who simply did not bother much with words.. a whole generation of adolescents who were primarily visual creatures, and read nothing apart from their textbooks. The original plan was to come up with a series of short five-minute clips as seen in Episode 1, that could be easily digested.

However, with subsequent episodes, in order to explore topics more fully, I have to push the writing up a few notches, and it has the unforunate effect of making development a nightmare. The next essay above this article is estimated to take about 25 minutes, were it to become a script for a video. Because of unresolvable creative issues that I would rather not elaborate upon, this project is heavily intruding on time occupied by other priorities of mine, and as a way of satisfying them, I have no choice but to downgrade this vlog into a more conventional blog. My sincerest apologies, once again, to all of you.


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